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An event is made not by people alone, but by its imagination, its creativity, its music, its entertainment, its story telling… all of it.

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Sydney Entertainment and Event Management Company

Vanish Entertainment Group was born in 1999 from an idea after founder James Karp studied under Las Vegas legends Siegfried and Roy (1994-2003 most visited show in Las Vegas) and also received mentoring from veteran Las Vegas producer Peter Reveen.(Monte Carlo Casino) Vanish quickly gained success in Australia and became an industry leader with its show production values and innovative talent buying. It was this success that led to the owner of A1 Grand Prix (A1GP 2005 – 2010) Sheikh Maktoum of Dubai seeking out James in 2006 to produce all its opening ceremonies, events and launches in Australia. Further expansion in 2012 saw Vanish create its talent management division.

Today still sees Vanish as a highly sort out creative force in the events, entertainment and theatre industries with its unique ability to create, conceptualize, design, plan and oversee all key elements involved in any creative production. This allows for unmatched quality control and ensures that the vision stays cohesive for its major clients. These unique and high standards have seen Vanish attract major global clients such as Bayern (Germany), Viktor & Rolf (France), Saatchi & Saatchi and national brands such as The Magicians Cabaret, Bryce Courtenay, Toyota to name just a few.

Vanish’s philosophy still holds strong to the training James Karp undertook in 1999; to start with imagination, then direct a full-service pre production planning and design service all wrapped from the audiences perspective. He also remembers Siegfried’s words to this day and uses them to open every meeting with a new or existing client, “to create, requires great powers of imagination”

JAMES KARP, Founder – Producer

James’ first move into the world of Theatre Production and Events began with his studying under Siegfried and Roy in Las Vegas. James’ expertise is in technical production, logistics, programming and show management.  Having also performed as a magician for thirty years sees him apply a unique approach to productions.

His experience, skill and creativity has resulted in James producing numerous cabaret shows, festivals and event producer and consultant for several national and global brands.



London born James received his training at the Royal Ballet of London then received a scholar ship to study at the Paris Opera James traveled with the National Ballet of Portugal, Lisbon and Canada After settling in Australian James has produced and directed for Sydney Dance Company, West Australian Ballet, he has also choreographed productions  such as West side Story, Cabaret, Sweet Charity, musicals including Grease, Peter Pan, The Producers and Sydneys’ Slide Cabaret and The Magicians Cabaret. James has also consulted for Channel 10 production of Underbelly 111 The Golden Mile, MTV and Cirque Du Soleil. James discipline and vast production experience brings a sense of security to all events and productions.