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An event is made not by people alone, but by its imagination, its creativity, its music, its entertainment, its story telling… all of it.

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Costa Prasoulas

Costa Prasoulas, is a world intercontinental and Australasian martial arts champion, instructor and motivational speaker. Costa2

Born in Greece Costa served eight in the Greek army (Supreme Military Support Command)  He is trained in Hapkido, Taekwondo, Muay, Thai Kick boxing and Pankration.

Costa is a Australian open Martial Arts champion (1992) International champion (1999) and Silver medallists at the World Games 2009. After receiving is accreditation in Martial arts he opened Zeus Academy of Martial Arts.

Costa has twenty years experience in competition, training, teaching and motivation in not only Australia but in the USA, Thailand, Korea and Europe

He has trained Greek military in hand to hand combat and survival. Trained celebrities for personal fitness and weight loss. Provided fight choreography for film and television productions. Seminars in women’s self defence and awareness and law enforcement personnel in combat and tactics.

His motivational program and Spartan team building activities for corporate companies, executives transcends individuals into strong, confident people capable of coping with pressure, along with skills in overcoming obstacles, setbacks and becoming productive as a team member. Program involves a unique and exciting insight into Ancient Greek warfare and USA military combat training.