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An event is made not by people alone, but by its imagination, its creativity, its music, its entertainment, its story telling… all of it.

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Corporate Entertainment Sydney

Magicians, Comedians, Dancers, Singers, Musicians and Cover Bands for hire…We will entertain

Audiences at an event need entertainment to “escape into a world of wonder”. This “world of wonder” is achieved by our entertainers combining elements of story telling with their skills and talent. Our entertainers realize that their “character” shall connect with the audience, and create a roller coaster of thrills and emotions from laughter, joy and mystery to nostalgia, romance and inspiration. We selectively represent a variety of entertainers and after dinner shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia that are ideal for both corporate entertainment, private celebrations and public events. In the tradition of old school showbiz our entertainers have audience appeal and event impact.

Our magicians performing either a cabaret magic show or roving magic will through a series of enchanting moments put a spell over the audience. The magicians will make the audience gasp with astonishment and create an atmosphere of fun and wonder, plus a lot of audience participation

Roving Magician
The close-up Magician will also break the ice for any event with his pre dinner drinks close up magic routine – it is a great uniter.

Our Comedians will add the joy of laughter to your special event.  Life can be drama full of tragedy and comedy with our comedians; the audience learns to enjoy the comic episodes of life a little more. Our comedians take everyday challenges and make you laugh, bringing the audience together.

With our dancers we know movement never lies – the physical language of a body can be more powerful than language itself. Our dancers awaken the souls of the audience, everything is beautiful with a dancer, your audience will capture these emotions as well.

Bands and Singers
With our singers, cover Bands or musicians, well, we all know music is what life sounds like, it touches us emotionally, it is the literature of our heart, can fill solitude and of course at your event music and musicians produce a kind of pleasure which your event cannot do without.”

Magic, song, dance, laughter, music, should be part of any celebration