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An event is made not by people alone, but by its imagination, its creativity, its music, its entertainment, its story telling… all of it.

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Female Magician

Simone is a singer, artist, magician and cabaret performer.Simone

Simone is of third generation Greek heritage, so perhaps her lifelong affinity with drama and theatre is in her Grecian blood. For her, artistic work has always been paramount.

Simone commenced her training and work in theatre and screen acting at a young age appearing in stage plays and commercials. Along the way she was cast in a magic show as a magician’s assistant. This role soon turned into the opportunity of a lifetime. The world of magic and illusion presented Simone a new way of expressing herself. She now wasn’t just a performer, but also one of the only female magicians within Australia and an integral partner in the creating and producing of shows.

Simone as a magician has levitated, vanished, appeared (recorded at a staggering 1.6 seconds, which in the magic industry is regarded as one of the fastest times) and has changed into a tiger! She has also mastered feats of mind reading and sleight of hand effects. Simone has appeared in over eight hundred stage magic shows (Beyond Belief, Las Vegas, Chamber of Secrets, Viva Lost Wages)and in 2012 wrote and produced her very own work The Magicians Muse, a cabaret dinner show featuring song and dance.

Her magic art form as a female magician has seen Simone featured in Channel Seven’s Sydney Weekender program, in Total Girl magazine, on Channel Seven’s Disney alongside actor Jackson Gallagher (Home and Away) and for international magician Dynamo’s 2016 Australian tour promotion on 2DAY FM.

Simone co-established Vanish Entertainment Group and channelled her creativity into designing and producing numerous events. Her impressive list of clients includes Viktor & Rolf (France), Saatchi & Saatchi, Toyota Australasia (attended by Mr Toyota Jnr. himself), Revlon and BMW to name but a few.

2010 saw Simone become a presenter and creative director at The Magic Academy. She has put together adult courses and children’s magic programmes. Simone not only designs and creates learning magic programs for students, but having young daughters herself, advocates the mental well being of children, which is promoted through magic programmes, with the premise that learning magic, builds confidence and self esteem along with teaching children positive social skills. In 2016 she was also part of the research by Sydney University lecturer Mariano Makara who wrote a thesis on how doctors misdiagnose the interpretation of x-rays. Makara studied a magician’s audience on how they are fooled by a magician’s misdirection, and how this information can be used to assist doctors on thoroughly examining x-rays.

In 2011, Simone was cast as a principal performer at The Magicians Cabaret theatre restaurant. Simone’s performances in cabaret productions include La Lumiere, La Belle Rose and La Fortuna. Her roles are not limited to performing only as a magician; they also include acting, singing and dancing. Simone soon established herself as one of Australia’s leading cabaret artists which has seen her cast in the prestigious French World Festival opening Grand Cabaret Shows two years in a row (2015 and 2016).

In 2015 Simone received the acclaimed Gold Top Hat award for five-hundred cabaret performances at The Magicians Cabaret. Her performance as La Fortuna in La Fortuna cabaret dinner show, which has run for four years and was reviewed as best three things to do in Sydney by American celebrity magazine Cliché, which has also reviewed Moulin Rouge and Lido’s Paris, has seen Simone’s performances receive rave reviews from international media. Canadian international Magic Magazine described her as “The ever impressive female magician Simone, who not only dabbles in magic but along with her song and dance, makes you shiver with mystery”. MW magazine referred to her as “… a striking resemblance to a Greek Goddess.” Cliché Celebrity Magazine (USA) called her, “sassy… lovely and talented.

Written on her green room mirror is a note that reads Life is a collection of moments, mindfulness makes these moments beautiful. “It reminds me to always be grateful for the magic in my life” says Simone, as she puts on her golden top hat on.