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An event is made not by people alone, but by its imagination, its creativity, its music, its entertainment, its story telling… all of it.

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Kitty Flannagan

Kitty Flanagan is a comedian and writer kitty1

Kitty works in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has also performed in France, Germany, Holland and Japan and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Montreal Just For Laughs Festival.

Flanagan is best known in Australia for her work on the television series Full Frontal and in the United Kingdom (UK) for her work on The Sketch Show. Before getting a job at Full Frontal, Kitty spent five years as a copywriter before moving into stand-up.[ Her father, John Flanagan, is an Australian author, best known for the Ranger’s Apprentice novel series. She is the sister of singer/songwriter/musician and novelist, Penny Flanagan, who commonly appears in her shows.

2014 has seen Kitty Flanagan become a regular on Channel 10s Project.