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Lily Bones

Lily Bones is a Ballerina and dancer

Lily gained a Diploma in Classical Ballet 1996 Melbourne, Australia. ARAD. She has since performed all around the world and for major dance companies: Australian Ballet Company,The Guangzhou Ballet,lily The Queensland Ballet, The Royal New Zealand Ballet, Ballet De Santa Caloma de Garamenet- Soloist, Ballet Jorgen Canada, Gran Canaria Ballet, South African Ballet Theatre, Projection Dance Company and El Molino Barcelona, Spain.

Coached for two years by ballet legend Mary Mckendry. Lily also featured in the movie Mao’s Last Dancer. Mike Dickson (president of Dance for the Critics choice circle London) as “an attractive young woman with long, elegant lines and poise.

Lily has performed solo and principle roles in:Swan lake (big swans, act three Hungarian & pas de trois Magdalena Popa),The Guangzhou. Ballet Raymonda- Act 3 Adagio (Nuryeves Patrica Ryanne staged), Swan Lake,The Royal New Zealand Ballet. The Nutcraker -Marsha/Sugar Plum fairy (Ronda Nychka), Ontario Ballet Theatre. Volver a Nacer, Carmina Burana, Rock Reqium- solo roles, Blue Bird pasdedeux ballet Gala,Paquitta (David Campos) Ballet de Santa Coloma de Gramenet Barcelona. Cinderella -lead fairy, Nutcracker -Arabian Princes, Petruchka-acrobat, Romeo and Juliet (Bengt Jorgen), Beatles go Baroque- duo and The Emperors New Clothes, (Benjamin Hatcher) Ballet Jorgen Canada.’Jeunehomme’ third movement Mozart nu.9 presto (Uwe Sholz), Empty Place (Renato Zenella), Barroco- pasdequarte (Jacek Przybylowicz) Gran Canaria Ballet. Limon (There is a time ), Balanchines (Serenade), Bob Fosse (Sweet Charity , Sing Sing, Dancin, Chicago)The Sleeping Beauty -Puss In Boots, Aurora South African Ballet Theater

Her career highlight continue with principle role in David Camposes ‘DonQuijote’ in the 2005 Festival International de Cap Roig in Costa brava Spain, Represented Ballet Jorgen at the Harbour front centre Toronto for Dance Ontario in 2007 ‘Stopping time’ the lead pasdedeux from Robert Desrosiers Rondezvous. (the choregrapher in the movie “The Company”). Performed alongside Weislaw Dudek in Uwe Sholz Jeunehomme Gran Canaria Ballet for Gran Canarias festival de Theatro y Danza. Performed in Monte Carlo for Prince Albert of Monaco 18th April, 2009. with Belinda King productions, United Kingdom. Lisa Cottrel (Dance Passion-Classical Tango pasdedeux)