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An event is made not by people alone, but by its imagination, its creativity, its music, its entertainment, its story telling… all of it.

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Magicians Sydney

Magicians Sydney

Experienced & Professional Sydney Magician  for hire – Visit us for a demonstration or view our show reels. Our magicians are resident Magicians at The Magicians Cabaret Theatre Restaurant Venue, have appeared on television, radio and worked with international magician Dynamo.

Magic has no age, language or cultural barriers. It appeals to all audiences……
Booking one of our talented and experienced magicians  is sure to entertain your crowd because –
• Magicians are a wonderful ice breaker
• Great uniter
• Popular form of entertainment

Experience when it matters…
Our magicians have performed many magic shows and for clients such as Disney, Star Casino, Hoyts, BMW, French World Festival to name but a few. Furthermore they are experts at their art of magic having taught celebrities, consulted for music videos, television commercials and even been invited to lecture at Sydney University

Please view our show reel which features all our magicians.


The magicians we represent perform many styles of magic. A few examples are:

Close up magician/Roving magician which involves entertaining a small group of people at a time, mainly around tables or during arrival of guests and pre dinner drinks A great and affordable way to unite your guests and build atmosphere for your celebration

Stage Magic Shows / Cabaret/ Parlour Magic . Works well as after dinner entertainment allowing you to promote your celebration as a dinner and show experience.

Illusion shows which are the large theatrical effects such as making a girl appear, levitate, sawing woman in half, turning a girl into an exotic animal!. .

Our Magicians are carefully selected. Our Magicians are polished professional entertainers, with a high skill level of training and who understand corporate etiquette.  Our Magicians Sydney are also resident cast magicians of  Venues Sydney The Magicians Cabaret (Voted best three things to see in Sydney by American Celebrity magazine Cliche) and Resident magicians at Star Casino Sydney.

Easy to work with, who never use offensive material and perform impact magic with all the elements of showmanship, timing and up to dateness our magicians are sure to entertain your audience.
Our team of magicians on the set of Australian singer, actor and television presenter Johnny Ruffo’s new music video “shes got that O” Magician Jackson Aces featured as “the dealer”. Magician James Karp  as technical / card mechanic consultant.
Johnny Ruffo & The Magicians Cabaret magicians

Our team of magicians on Saturday Disney filming with host Candice Dixon and Actor Jackson Gallagher (Home and Away)
Actor Jackson Gallagher, Candice Dixon, Magician Simone Karp, Magician Jackson Aces

Magicians James Karp, Jackson Aces, Lady Simone and Marcus Luc  featuring with international magician Dynamo for the 2DAYFM promotion of his Australian tour
Magician Dynamo and The Magicians Cabaret magicians Sydney

Please consider from our list of our skilled magicians – Click on name to view full biography

Magician james karp journey

Magician James Karp
“conjures astonishment at will” American Magic Magazine VANISH
“simply amazing, unpredictable and enchanting” LA Celebrity Magazine Cliche
Sydney Magician James Karp performs a magic cabaret show, Illusion show and close up magic


Australian Magician Jackson Aces
Magician Jackson Aces
MW magazine wrote “supremely delightful”
Magician Jackson Aces performs a magic cabaret show, close up magic, cardistry and street magic

Max Rendall close up magic

Magician Max Rendall
“leaves you in a trance” UK Magic Week.
Magician Max Rendall performs as an expert roving magician


Female Illusionist Simone
“sizzles with mystery” Modern Wedding Magazine
Simone performs a cabaret magic act featuring song and dance numbers

Magician Marcus Luc

Magician Marcus Luc
Platinum wand  award for excellence in sleight of hand and manipulation – The Magic Academy.
Magician Marcus Luc  performs as an expert roving magician.